Phone transmits SOUND with NO VOICE RECEIVER

For a while I’ve wanted to document this impressive feat of pure innovation & taking tech to the next level. Kyocera and KDDI co-developed Smart Sonic Receiver (SSR) Technology to transmits clear voice quality sound to the user directly through vibrations. The devices will be able to transmit sound through the cartilage in your ear, as well as other localized hard tissue.

In Kyocera’s innovative product the SSR has been used to replace the Voice Receiver and uses its screen to transmit the vibrations from the internal ceramic transducer (actuator) that generates these vibrations.

The small device is placed along the top half of the phone, and is small enough that its developers suggest it could also be used in headphones or other devices that are pressed against the ear. The smartphone does have an external speaker on the back, but that is only used for ring tones or conversations placed on speakerphone. The Urbano Progresso comes running Android 4.0, and features a 4-inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera.

What I love about this technology is that this phone puts the voice inside your head. This technology with further development will encourage the creation of waterproof devices and will aide those with hearing problems as well as allow clearer communication at noisy areas.

Kyocera’s website states that the vibrations from the screen are picked up physically by the tiny bones inside the ear canal, resulting in less interference from noise in the background.

Smart Sonic Receiver

1. Smart Sonic Receiver uses display screen vibrations to transmit audio
Smart Sonic Receiver is a new function which uses a piezo-electric actuator to create vibrations along a wide area of the display screen which in turn transmits clear voice quality to the user.

2. Audible voice clarity from a wide area of the screen
As the vibrations cover a wide area of the screen, the user is able to hear clear voice quality regardless of where their ear is placed. Furthermore, by pressing the whole screen against your ear to create a cover, it is easier to hear in crowded and noisy environments.

Kyocera Urbano Progresso

Sadly this device is landlocked in Asia and will not venture to this continent anytime soon, but it’s good to know Innovation still exists & that the future still holds many surprises.